On Target Plus 'Catch-up' courses (for schools)

On Target Plus 'Catch-up' courses (for schools)

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As a tuition service, helping students to reach their potential is important to us. Our 4 week 'catch-up' course called 'On Target Plus' is designed to help students stay on target or help them to 'catch-up' when there are gaps in learning for whatever reason. This course is especially useful to help primary and secondary learners to 'catch-up' following Covid-19 and is designed to take place in arrangement with schools. We focus on English and Maths.

We provide the course over 4 weeks, 2 days per week. We can cater for up to 20 students per day in groups of 5.

Please make an enquiry if you would like to know more about enrolling your students over the summer holidays.

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